Chickens Love the Sun

Our chickens love to sunbathe. We see them laying out in the sun like this all the time absorbing warmth and vitamin D.

But most chicken producers would never permit this. Crowded indoor confinement is just one of the major welfare issues related to "cage free,” “free range,” and even organic labels, which do not mean the birds are raised on pasture.

We follow the Pastured Poultry model because we believe it has the highest production standards of all: local production, less densely stocked flocks, husbandry practices that allow for the birds’ natural behaviors, and beneficial impacts to soil health and fertility.

They say the meat we eat is as healthy as how the animal was raised. We believe this, and we also believe the pasture raised model is healthiest for everyone involved. We hope that if you agree then you will show support by choosing food for your family that is raised this way.

We understand doing so may be less convenient today. But our hope is that in time more truth related to poultry production comes to light and healthy pasture raised chickens become the norm, not the exception.