How Pastured Poultry Benefits the Environment

What makes us so passionate about pastured poultry? In short, its because there are health benefits to the whole system - soil, animals, and people. And its part of a wider set of principles and practices known as Regenerative Agriculture.

Regenerative Agriculture is a term we believe you will start to hear about much more in the coming years because it may provide solutions to some of our most pressing environmental issues. Take soil degradation for example: Scientific American recently reported that at current rates, all of the world’s topsoil could be gone within 60 years.

Regardless of whether you fully believe in the report's conclusions, the fact is that chemical-reliant conventional farming techniques are often destructive to soil. Its simply unsustainable in the long term.

Systems like pastured poultry by definition do not rely on chemicals. Our birds fertilize the ground with their manure and move on. In time, this actually INCREASES the soil's organic matter and makes for a much healthier ecosystem. Many pasture based farms before us have demonstrated this like Polyface Farm, White Oak Pastures, and Primal Pastures just to name a few.

In our short stint as farmers thus far, we are seeing the benefits to the grass on our pasture. If you look in the picture you can see the trail of our chicken tractor. The most recent spot is completely mowed down but if you follow the line there is noticeably greener grass that has grown back compared the the yellowish grass all around it.

Can you see it? Hey, its a start!

To us this shows the soil is improving, and is something we are excited to continue monitoring as we grow.

So remember: when you support farmers who practice pasture based rotational grazing like pastured poultry, you are supporting healthier soil, healthier animals, and healthier people. Its a win-win-win!