Media Coverage

We've been interviewed by a variety of different local podcasts and blogs.

It's always an honor to share our story with others in the community who are passionate about local food and sustainability like we are. You can watch, listen, and read more at the links below:

The Townie Tourist Blog - Article and video tour of our first farm, May 2019

"I got a phone call early on Saturday morning and Evan’s voice was less upbeat than in our previous conversations. I don’t know if it was my intuition or just hoping for a positive response, but I asked, “Are you calling me with a chicken emergency?” “Well,” he said, “I am.”

There had been a predator attack during the night and something had gotten to the chickens. It happens. In farming, you always have to think worst case scenario. The guys thought they had secured their brood well enough, but they lost about ten of their pre-teen birds to an animal of some kind. The rest of the chickens were a little shaken up and peeping loudly. We talked about canceling the live show, and then I asked them to consider sharing this moment as an authentic way to talk about what can happen when you are trying your hardest to do something you love."

The Culinati Podcast - Audio interview, September 2019

"On this episode, Holly interviews Evan Kiggen and Norman Morton, also known as The Pasture Brothers, who raise pasture-farmed chickens on a plot of land in Apopka, Florida. 

They discuss how they got started farming pasture-raised chickens, how Joel Salatin's organic farming philosophies have inspired their journey, and why it's important to know where our food comes from."

The Interested Eater Podcast - Audio interview, September 2019

"Ever wonder what it's like to start a chicken farm in this day and age? I'm not sure we as a society as a whole understand what it takes to run one and run it the right way. For Evan and Norm of Pasture Brothers, they thought about getting their poultry away from the grocery store. So, they started their own chicken farm. On this week's episode, I sat down with Evan and Norm to discuss operating the farm and gain a better understanding on what I should look for when I grab some chicken."

Nutrition Awareness Podcast - Audio interview, December 2019

"99% of chickens (even those labeled “natural” and “farm-raised”) are raised in stressful confinement by a small group of corporations. That didn’t seem right to Evan and Norm of the Pasture Brothers, so they set out to provide their community with a better option." 

It's All Fine and Danjee Podcast - Audio interview, March 2020

"Check the chickens out! We went down to the Pasture Brothers farm, and learned all about the importance of working in sync with the land (and how they are applying that belief to their pasture raised poultry). Also, Anjee cannot say "regenerative." 


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