Media Coverage

We started farming back in 2018 when we couldn't find high-quality locally raised meat here in Orlando. It turns out we weren't the only ones concerned with this issue. 

Since then, we've been featured on a number of different local podcasts and blogs who took an interest in our work.

It's always an honor to share our story with others in the community who are passionate about local food and sustainability like we are. You can watch, listen, and read more at the links below:

The Townie Tourist Blog - Article and Video Tour of Our First Farm, May 2019

The Culinati Podcast - Audio Interview, September 2019

The Interested Eater Podcast - Audio Interview, September 2019

Nutrition Awareness Podcast - Audio Interview, December 2019

The Fine and Danjee Podcast - Audio Interview, March 2020


Members of the media can contact us at or 407-463-6982.